Why you will benefit from this course

This course will provide you with a step-by-step guide to conducting effective, meaningful performance reviews for your entire veterinary team.

  • If you manage a team and want to ensure you get the best out of performance reviews, then this course is for you

  • If you aiming to move into a leadership or management role, then this course will provide useful learning to help you on your journey

  • Participants will learn a simple and effective way to conduct reviews and how to follow through on the process to create meaningful team growth

  • Customisable documents, templates and resources provided on the course will save you hours, providing an easy to follow structure for before, during and after the review

What will you learn?

This short course will provide you with thoughtful yet practical guidance on performing effective performance review with your team. Whether you are new to management and leadership or just need some ideas to help you to improve the review process, you will take ideas and how to develop a review structure, from your learning on the course.

How will you learn?

This course provides on-demand learning that you can access at any time, on any device, and complete at your own pace. The course provides short lectures, quizzes and exercises to support and enhance your learning, and provides templates and documents that you can adapt to your own needs.
On-demand learning

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Course fee: £60. This includes 12 months' access to the course content and quizzes.

Your Tutor

Hannah Curwood

Hannah Curwood

Hannah Curwood graduated with the New Zealand National Certificate in Veterinary Nursing (Distinction) in 2001. She then worked in busy small animal practice in NZ and the UK as a Veterinary Nurse, progressing to become a Head Nurse, Practice Manager, Project Manager and General Manager/Co-Founder of The London Animal Hospital before starting her own veterinary leadership and management business, Curwood Consulting. Hannah now works with veterinary leaders as they progress through their careers to provide training, workshops, 1:1 mentorship and support to clinicians who are moved into positions of managerial responsibility and are having to 'learn the ropes' on the job.

Learning outcomes

Successful completion of this course will enable you to:

  • Create a meaningful and effective performance review process which is specific to your own practice and team's goals

  • Prepare practice-specific documentation for the performance review process

  • Conduct effective performance reviews with individual team members

  • Create and maintain a structure to assist team members in pursuing and achieving goals


An overview of the key topics that will be covered during the course

  • What is a performance review? Dos and don'ts.

  • The process - before, during and after performance review

  • Effective questioning to produce great results

  • Addressing problematic performance

  • How to follow through on the review and develop an action plan

  • FAQs on this topic - Who should attend? Should money be mentioned?

  • Managing your own nerves if you're new to conducting reviews


  • Can I sign up and start straight away?

    Yes! Once you have purchased the course, you will be able to begin your study as soon as you wish.

  • Do I have to complete the course within a certain time?

    You will have 12 months' access to the course, so you will have plenty of time to complete it.

  • Is assessment included?

    Yes. Our courses offer interim quizzes to check your knowledge, and a final test to enable you to be awarded your certificate of completion. Some courses also have additional submitted coursework which is assessed by your tutor.

  • Are any of the resources downloadable?

    Yes - we provide a selection of resources on each course that you can download and take away.

  • Do I need to be good with computers?

    No, we don't think so. The learning platform we use offers straightforward course structure and access, so you are led from one section to the next and can see where you are up to.