Why you will benefit from this course

Infection control is a vitally important aspect of veterinary practice, and as we know, the consequences of poor hygiene can be catastrophic.

  • Are your infection control standards measuring up? Are you doing enough to promote hygiene? Do you feel like your protocols need reviewing, but are not quite sure where to start?

  • Do you feel like your protocols need reviewing, but are not quite sure where to start?

  • Do you have issues with implementing protocols and achieving staff adherence to them?

This course will:

  • Provide evidence-based, up-to-date information and guidance on best practice in veterinary infection control.

  • Enable you to review and expand your knowledge in many areas of infection control, and apply this to your everyday practice.

What will you learn?

This on-demand course aims to assist you with the key factors of infection control – from basic practice hygiene to clinical considerations. It strives to provide you with the tools to become the practice ‘infection control champion’ so that best veterinary practice standards can be achieved.
Practice cleaning and disinfection

How will you learn?

The course provides short lectures, quizzes, scenarios, and exercises to support and enhance your learning. In addition, the course provides a coursework section where you will reflect on your current practice approach, write an Infection Control SOP in an area of your choice, and explore the logistics of implementing and managing infection control protocols. This includes the creation of the diagrammatical risk assessment of your practice premises. You will receive constructive feedback on your coursework from your tutor Emma.
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Your Tutor

Emma Gerrard Dip HE CVN Dip AVN (SA) BSc (Hons) CVN RVN RAMA (KSQP) PHC

Emma Gerrard

Emma works at a large independent mixed practice in Powys and locums for Vets Now Emergency. Her interests are very varied but she has a passion for infection control and surgical nursing. You will find her most at home in the operating theatre where she enjoys all aspects of anaesthesia and patient care. Emma is also the editor of the 2nd edition BSAVA pocketbook for Veterinary Nurses and a frequent article contributor for the Veterinary Nursing Times and more recently the Veterinary Nursing Journal.

Learning outcomes

Successful completion of this course will enable you to:

  • Appreciate the importance of infection control, and the many factors which contribute to infection prevention improvement within the clinic or hospital environment

  • Understand the concept of an infection control programme and its importance within clinical practice

  • Have confidence in the principles of creating, implementing and monitoring Infection Control SOPs for all areas of the clinic

Syllabus overview

The key areas covered on the course

  • Key principles of infection control - considerations, complications, goals; Infection Prevention - preventing HAIs, reservoirs and routes for infection, routes of transmission; Biosecurity and use of the 4-tier system.

  • Hand Hygiene - including importance, guidance, hand washing, hand rubbing, five-moments, hand hygiene audits; Cleaning & Disinfection - 3-step process, diinfectant choices, when to use which disinfectant, disinfectant evaluation, key factors; Laundry & Waste Management - laundry protocols, laundering clinical clothing, waste management

  • Infection Control in Theatre - environment, etiquette, attire, SSIs, biosecurity, contamination, biofilms, surgical considerations; Barrier Nursing - definitions, 4-Tier patient assessment, PPE in barrier nursing, RAW feeding; Correct Use of PPE - purpose of PPE, types of PPE, donning and doffing PPE, sterile and non-sterile gloves

  • Education and Compliance - staff education, clinical audit, surveillance and monitoring, client education; Implementing and Managing Infection Control - creating an infection control manual, 7 steps to optimise an IC programme, becoming the infection control champion, IC assessment, influences of infection rates, hierarchy of control, motivating change; Creating an IC Protocol - reviewing current protocols, creating a protocol, reviewing practice challenges

Accredited by AMTRA

This course is accredited by AMTRA for 32 SQP points. Successful completion of submitted coursework qualifies for an additional 16 SQP points.


  • Can I sign up and start straight away?

    Yes! Once you have purchased the course, you will be able to begin your study as soon as you wish.

  • Do I have to complete the course within a certain time?

    You will have 12 months' access to the course, so you will have plenty of time to complete it.

  • Is assessment included?

    Yes. Our courses offer interim quizzes to check your knowledge, and a final test to enable you to be awarded your certificate of completion. Some courses also have additional submitted coursework which is assessed by your tutor.

  • Are any of the resources downloadable?

    Yes - we provide a selection of resources on each course that you can download and take away.

  • Do I need to be good with computers?

    No, we don't think so. The learning platform we use offers straightforward course structure and access, so you are led from one section to the next and can see where you are up to.

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Leah Paddock

A very informative online course with a varied style of interactive learning. All the modules covered all aspects of infection control and the downloadable r...

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A very informative online course with a varied style of interactive learning. All the modules covered all aspects of infection control and the downloadable resources are good to refer back to in the future.

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